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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

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Sodepur (Bengaliসোদপুর) is a small town yet very fast growing upmarket residencial suburb located about 15 km from Kolkata, which is one of the major Indian cities. Sodepur is a part of the Panihati Municipality under Barrackpore sub-division and North 24 Parganas district of the state of West Bengal. It is a part of the area covered by Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority.[1]
The major landmark of modern Sodepur is the shopping complex named Sriniketan, and the Peerless Nagar HousinComplex, Lokasanskriti Bhawan, Rathindra Cinema hall. Perpendicular to the railway track (Sealdah-Ranaghat line) is the Sodepur Station Road, which is Sodepur's major shopping area. This road is lined with shops in both sides selling various items. The Sodepur suburban railway station lies on the right of this road. The Health-CheckUp System for people of Sodepur consists of private Nursing Homes and private practitioners apart from one State General Hospital.The posh area of Sodepur is H.B.Town,and Amarabati area which are both very much near to the Railway Station, a very natural town though costly . There are many high profile projects to get finalized in Sodepur which includes the posh residential township of Godrej Prakriti which is the largest luxury housing project of north Kolkata and also the proposed It hub of north Kolkata and also various malls coming up at various locations at Sodepur. Again Sodepur is all set to get directly connected by metro rail and also by the proposed Kolkata Monorail.




Sodepur is located at 22.71°N 88.39°E.[2] It has an average elevation of 15 m (49 ft).


From Shyambazar 5 pt. Crossing, one can go straight through the Barrackpore Trunk Road {BT Road} until one reaches Sodepur Petrol Pump Bus Stop. Bus Routes available are Sodepur-Babughat Mini Bus, 214A, 214, 78/1, 78,Palta-Garia Bus stand WBSTC,Khotirbazar-Barrackpur, K-9,S-11 etc. One can also take shuttle taxis from near Shyam bazar Metro till the Sodepur Petrol Pump. These shuttle Taxis usually charge Rs. 30-35 per person.
From Dunlop, one can take auto rickshaw till Sodepur Petrol Pump.
Those wishing to reach Sodepur from the Howrah Line or from the other side of the River Ganges can avail the Ferry service from Konnagar and then take an auto rickshaw till the Sodepur Railway Station.[3]
From the Kolkata Airport,you can reach Sodepur via the Sodepur Road which starts from Madhyamgram four point crossing (Chowrasta)here and the bus services are 78E and DN-43, You can avail AutoRickshaw services also. From Dunlop (or from Barahanagar Road Railway Station) you can avail any of the buses coming from Shyambazar to reach Sodepur. Recently a bus service i.e. DN-46 has been started from Sodepur to Sec-5, SaltLake.
Amarabati More is a busy crossing on Barasat road at Sodepur.
It is easier to reach Sodepur along Sealdah-Ranaghat Line. All the suburban trains of Eastern Railways from Main Section of Sealdah Station go via Sodepur and most of those stop here. It takes about 30 mins to reach Sodepur from Sealdah.
Another way is to catch underground railway (Metro Rail) and reach DumDum Station and from there via a train to Sodepur, which will take about 15 mins to reach.


The oldest school at Sodepur is Sodepur High School (H.S.). It was established in 1853. This school is one of the oldest in West Bengal. The other old schools here are Chandrachur Vidyapith (Boys, Girls and Primary), Desbandhu Sikshyatan, St. Xavier's Institution, Buniadi School, National Model School, Park Institution and others. Ramakrishna Vivekananda Mission, Barrackpur has started a new English medium school at ashram road pallishree. In this area St. Xavier's Institution offers both English (under ICSE/ISC) and Bengali medium under (WBBSE). Panihati College which contributed much to the education system of the locality and also many other distance education study centers namely Media Infotech which offers Graduate and Master Degree Courses from Sikkim Manipal University. The overall literacy rate of Sodepur is quite high (about 91%) compared to other surrounding areas. Apart from this, an engineering college named Guru Nanak Institute of Technology, a dental college and a homoeopathy college have also been set up here.
Most of the people in Sodepur are service personnel either in Government sector, semi- government sector or in private sectors. There is also presence of super rich executive class at Sodepur in a substantial amount. Others include software engineers, doctors, businessmen who mostly have a high standard of living. There are many shops where some of the unskilled people are employed. Though educational level of Sodepur is very high (about > 80% literate at graduate or Secondary level standard) the unemployment rate is low due to the presence of industries and business houses there. EMCO (India) based in Sodepur manufactured Shutter Vibrators, Grinders, Step Down Transformers and distributed all over India. There are some well-established millionaire businessman and industrialists in Sodepur like Mr.Aich ,Mr.De ,Mr.Moitra, Mr.Phallan, Mr.Pal, etc. They also help the society to be more developed by providing employments and un-specified donations .As more and more housing projects are cleared by the Panihati municipality the area is ready to see population boom of higher class executive workforce. The car owning percentage of Sodepur is one of the highest in any suburb of Kolkata with about 400 cars per 1000 families. The boom in population High earning class in Sodepur and greater Sodepur region will give a boost to the standard of living and retail sector of the region in times to come.


Once a community named SAYYID used to live in this area from which the place was known as SAYYIDPUR or SODEPUR.[4] Sodepur in the Barrackpore sub division, is historically famous for the Khadi Prathistan where historic decisions with regard to freedom struggle were taken by Gandhiji and other great leaders like Subhas Chandra Bose. In 1921, Satish Chandra Dasgupta, eminent chemist, resigned from Bengal Chemicals influenced by the Gandhian thought of Swadeshi and set up the Ashram . This ashram near the Sodepur Railway Station has a special place in the history of the Indian independence movementGandhi termed this ashram as his second home and stayed at this Ashram at various times 1939, 1945, 1946, 1947 and lived here for five to seven weeks. Sodepur is Mostly occupied by the people those were uprooted from Bangladesh (East Pakistan) and those came as refugee in Bangladesh War. Majority of the population of sodepur in its eastern side of rail station migrated as refugees of Bangladesh at present either from division of Bengal in 1947 or during the war of Bangladesh. They were settled either by purchasing lands or having lands from government mostly concentrated at Bankimpalli, Natagarh, Ghola areas as an effort of late Mr. Bholanath Bhattacharya of Purbapalli and late Gopal Das. Sodepur has a police station of its own though mostly controlled under Khardaha Police station.A state-of-the-art Vermi Compost Plant is Sodepur's newest pride.


Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansadeb came to Sodepur many a times during his stay at Dakhshineswar Kali Temple.

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