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Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Blogs of Professor(Dr.) Pranab Kumar Bhattacharyya MD(calcutta.Univ) Pathology; : Life Time Achievement Award of ""Global Awards A...

Blogs of Professor(Dr.) Pranab Kumar Bhattacharyya MD(calcutta.Univ) Pathology; : Life Time Achievement Award of ""Global Awards A...: Association of Scientists, Developers and Faculties [ASDF] incepted in the year of 2010. ASDF unanimously aims the development and growt...

Life Time Achievement Award of ""Global Awards Association of Scientists, Developers and Faculties (ASDF ) International UK V09 held at chennai on 30-31st December 2019

ASDF organises International Conferences, Workshops, Seminars and Symposia’s where the platform for sharing the knowledge among the people will be facilitated. ASDF also provides Technically Sponsorship and Technical Co-sponsorship for various Conferences held by various organisations and institutions. There are various grants available for the members..

Global awards of ASDF]

Life Time Achievement Award of ASDF international]
is proposed to encourage the personalities who made outstanding contributions in any field of science in their life. The ultimate goal of granting the award is to make recognize the excellent work done by people working within the scope. This award is aimed to encourage such individuals excellence, and to encourage their present work to become successful person of the year

In twitter please see 2019  awardees and successful nominees
Previous Life time Achievement awardees of ASDF international London; are 1] Dave Kissoondoyal From KMP Global Ltd. from MAURITUS ( in year 2011): 2] K Subramanium Comptroller Account General government of India ( in year 2012): 3] C Prasad From Indian council of Agriculture Research ( ICAR )Government of India, India ( in the year 2012): 4] Ayyandar Arunachalam of ICAR, Government of India(2013)India ( in year 2013): 5] Ganeshan Ganapathy of Adikavi Nannya University India (2014): 6] B Pravakar Rao Jaharlal Neheru Technological universirtity (JNTUK), India ( in the year 2015): 7 ] Sandeep kumar Dhawan of National physics laboratory new delhi India (2015) Yerra Rama Mohan Rao Dr. Paul's Engineering College, India (2016); Indumathi Jayaraman Anna University, India (2018) 
This year ie  in 2019 successful nominees are  1) Professor Dr Pranab kumar bhattacharya of Calcutta school of Tropical medicine 2] Prof R Nidhya Director Madanpalli Institute of Technology and Sciences (MITs) Andhra Pradesh (UGC recognized autonomous institute
ASDF is an International nonprofit organisation that leads, supports, and strengthens efforts to improve state and regional economies through science, technology, and innovation is pleased to announce the ASDF Global Awards. The awards are designed to celebrate highly exceptional achievement in technology-based economic development. They foster a climate where new and existing companies that develop technology and continuously innovate will thrive. These programs tend to focus on several elements that have been found in successful technology-based economies, including a research base that generates new knowledge, mechanisms for transferring insight into the marketplace, an entrepreneurial culture, sources of risk capital, and a technically skilled workforce. ASDF’s Excellence in these Awards recognize exceptional achievement in addressing these elements, plus improving the competitiveness of existing industries, academics and an integrated strategy toward technology.
ASDF’s Excellence in these Awards program is designed to celebrate exceptional achievement in technology and offer practitioners and policymakers examples of successful approaches that are being employed by others. In commemorating outstanding achievement in each and every track, the awards program: requires applicants to provide a clear explanation of the need for the initiative, a logical approach to addressing the need, and demonstrable results; is highly selective with applications reviewed by a committee of distinguished current and former practitioners; and, is rigorous but fair in its evaluation. Awards will be presented only for exceptional achievement; therefore, ASDF reserves the right not to issue an award in a particular category if no applications are deemed as meeting the standards of the award []