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Saturday, 19 January 2019

Medicos'81-" the Best Batchmanship Award (2018 -2019) to " PROF. PRANAB KR. BHATTACHARYA

Medicos'81-" the Best Batchmanship Award (2018 -2019)" which was conferred by the Honb.Judge Dr. Goutom Ghosh MD(Psychiatry),DPM (Ex.Rama Krishna Mission , Purulia) on 23.12.2018 at Nalbon Nicco Park, Salt Lake, is being now handed over to " PROF. PRANAB KR. BHATTACHARYA " by Dr.Hirak Das DVD; MD (Dermatology univ.of calcutta ) of Dept of Dermatology and in charge of ART center and HIV diseases, Murshidabad Medical College &Hospital west bengal ( another ex- Rama Krishna Mission, Purulia) at Berhampur court, Murshidabad on 16.01.2019 evening in Presence of Dr Kamalesh Das one of administrators of Medicos 81 whatsapp group.

Thursday, 3 January 2019

Blogs of Professor(Dr.) Pranab Kumar Bhattacharyya MD(calcutta.Univ) Pathology; : congratulations to my youngest Brother Rupak Bhatt...

Blogs of Professor(Dr.) Pranab Kumar Bhattacharyya MD(calcutta.Univ) Pathology; : congratulations to my youngest Brother Rupak Bhatt...:   ·   congratulations   to my youngest Brother   Rupak Bhattacharjee   for being FSFRC (Fellow of Sci...

congratulations to my youngest Brother Rupak Bhattacharjee for being FSFRC (Fellow of Science of Frontier Research council )


congratulations to my youngest Brother Rupak Bhattacharjee for being FSFRC (Fellow of Science of Frontier Research council  )
the E mail Received today in the E mail box of
Rupak Bhattacharya, 7/51 Purbapalli , PO- sodepur, District 24 parganas, West Bengal 
Calcutta University., 
Dear Mr. Rupak Bhattacharya,
We at Global Journals always keep evaluating the research works that are published. G J has recently curated the most impactful papers published under GJSFR in the recent times. Yours paper 'The Cosmic Web, the Seed Of Galaxies- are Also Made of Warm Intergalactic Medium (WHIM) and Dark Energy?' is one of them. It has been cited numerous times and has been proving to a significant work in the field of Asrtro Physics and Astronomy . I hope that you’ll continue to work on this research stream. 
Global Journals always strives to establish a stronger academic relationship with our esteemed researches and authors. It helps us to walk the talk of harnessing authentic information’s potential to contribute to the growth of entire research community and advancing the way in which the knowledge seekers would want to use it in future. 
I am glad to bring this in your information that 2019 early nominations for membership are now open. Global Journals' Fellow Membership is the most prestigious recognized membership/award of universities around world that is awarded only to a select few researchers and scientists. The credentials are only titled to subject matter experts like yourself and are only on the nomination/invitation basis. Global Journals' Editorial and Management Board is inviting you to join our membership. There are many benefits that you are entitled to like access to the internal network, recognition on the website, an email account like, recognition and recommendation letter from our end to your university or institution's director, you'll be getting the certificate, a shield and research cards, FSFRC/ASFRC designations, paper publication waived off, cloud access and other. 
FSFRC/ASFRC is the most prestigious membership of Global Journals accredited by Open Association of Research Society, U.S.A (OARS). The credentials of Fellow and Associate designations signify that the researcher has gained the knowledge of the fundamental and high-level concepts, and is a subject matter expert, proficient in an expertise course covering the professional code of conduct, and follows recognized standards of practice. The credentials are designated only to the , scientists, and professionals that have been selected by a rigorous process by our Editorial Board and Management Board.
Associates of FSFRC/ASFRC are scientists and researchers from around the world are working on projects/researches that have huge potentials. Members support Global Journals’ mission to advance technology for humanity and the profession. 
Kindly check them all here:
Download Certificate and Learn More
From the above link, you may also download your provisional certificate created.

I am looking forward to having you with us as our prestigious Fellow member. We also waived off 40% of its fee for you. If you need any assistance or have any query feel free to reach out to our support team at or visit our website and use live chat support.
I look forward hearing from you soon and a successful academic relationship in the future.
Dr. Loreen E. Benson PhD (Boston) 
Fellow Registrar, OARS 
Research Consultant, 
Global Journals