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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Tachyons is an mathematical Imaginary particle that may moves faster then Photons (Light particles) in the universe and yet to be discovered _published in The Gurdian

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  • Neutrino stories move faster than the speed of science

    *** Mr Rupak Bhattacharya-, of residence 7/51 Purbapalli, Sodepur, Dist 24 Parganas(north), Kol-110,West Bengal, India *Professor Pranab kumar Bhattacharya- , Now Professor and Head of department of Pathology, and of WBUHS Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine, C.R avenue; Kolkata-73, West Bengal, India*Miss Upasana Bhattacharya-, only daughter of Prof.PK Bhattacharya ***Mr.Ritwik Bhattacharya , ***Mr Soumyak Bhattacharya of residence7/51 Purbapalli, Sodepur, Dist 24 parganas(north) ,Kolkata-110,WestBengal, India , *** Miss Rupsa Bhattacharya **** Mrs. Dalia Mukherjee , Swamiji Road, South Habra, 24 Parganas(north) West Bengal, India**** Miss Oindrila Mukherjee-Student ,**** Mr. Debasis Mukherjee of Residence Swamiji Road, South Habra, 24 Parganas(north), West Bengal, India*****; Dr. Hriday Ranjan Das Dept of Nephrology, IPGME&R, 244a AJC Bose Road *****Mr. Surajit Sarkar, , Dept of Pathology, IPGME&R, Kolkata-20
    What were the most elementary particles in the universe? According to Mery Gelman- The NL, the earliest particles were quarks and anti-quarks. The gospel of Big Bang was then supposed to have been inflation from zero volume at zero time, zero space of a corpuscle containing the cosmic soup of these quarks and anti quarks particles, where in the corpuscle, energy were equivalent to mass and radiation and flash. The particles and their anti particles were in constant annihilation and went into radiation and flash. What we authors want to mean that at about trillion and trillion degrees of temperature of cosmic soup (about 1015K) the particles and antiparticles were being in constant annihilation and were again created, although the total energy of elementary particles and radiation was just interchangeable. In the primordial fireball or in cosmic soup, the combined radiation and matter of the soup was constant . However in the quantum chromo dynamics (QCD) another particle was proposed as the earliest particles in the universe. It was Madsen and Mark Tailor, who gave first the concept of these particles in the primordial universe. The name of their particles is ‘ Neutrinos” . The neutrinos were also non-Zero mass particles according to authors and many, though in standard teaching is it is mass less . There are now broadly three (3) species of ‘Neutrinos”. I) Electron neutrinos 2) Muon neutrinos 3) and tat neutrinos. During the first half of the twentieth century, all physicists were convinced that all the stars including our Sun, shines by converting, deep in its interior, hydrogen into helium. According to this theory, four hydrogen nuclei called protons (p) are changed in the solar interior into a helium nucleus (4He), two anti-electrons (e+, positively charged electrons), and two elusive and very mysterious ghostly particles called neutrinos . This process of nuclear conversion, or nuclear fusion, is believed to be responsible for sunshine and therefore for all life on Earth. The conversion process, which involves many different nuclear reactions, can be written schematically as: ----[1] as Bhattacharya Rupak wrote it Ie,two neutrinos are produced each time as the fusion reaction (1) occurs within the star. Since four protons are heavier than a helium nucleus, two positive electrons and two neutrinos, reaction (1) releases a lot of energy to the Sun, that ultimately reaches the earth as our sunlight. The reaction occurs very frequently. Neutrinos do escape easily from the Sun and their energy does not appear as solar heat or sunlight in earth. Sometimes neutrinos are produced with relatively low energies and the Sun gets a lot of heat. Sometimes neutrinos are produced with higher energies and the Sun gets less energy. Neutrinos have zero electric charge, interact very rarely with hadron matter, and – according to the particle physics very high standard level textbook version of the standard model of particle physics – they are mass less. About 1000 billion neutrinos from the Sun pass through your thumbnail every second, but you do not feel them because, they interact so rarely and so weakly with matter. Neutrinos are practically indestructible; almost nothing happens to them. For every hundred billion solar neutrinos that pass through the Earth every seconds, only about one interacts at all with the stuff of which the Earth is made. Because they interact so rarely, neutrinos can escape easily from the solar interior where they are created and bring direct information about the solar fusion reactions to us on Earth. There are three known types of neutrinos already told. Nuclear fusion in the Sun produces only neutrinos that are associated with electrons, the so-called electron neutrinos . The two other types of neutrinos, muon neutrinos and tau neutrinos , are produced, for example, in laboratory acce

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