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Friday, 13 December 2013

International Conference on Arsenic Pollution of Ground Water in Bangladesh Causes, Effectes and Remedies - Abstracts, Date : 8-12 February 1998, Venue : LGED Auditorium, Dhaka, Bangladesh by Dhaka Community Hospital Trust, Dhaka, Bangladesh and School of Environment Studies, Jadavpur University, Calcutta, India Paperback Not Available - See more at:

International Conference on Arsenic Pollution of Ground Water in Bangladesh Causes, Effectes and Remedies - Abstracts, Date : 8-12 February 1998, Venue : LGED Auditorium, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Publisher:Dhaka Community Hospital Trust
Published In:1998
Binding Type:Paperback
Pages:179 Pages, Figures, Charts, Tables, Graphs, References
International Conference on Arsenic Pollution of Ground Water in Bangladesh Causes, Effectes and Remedies - Abstracts, Date : 8-12 February 1998, Venue : LGED Auditorium, Dhaka, Bangladesh published in the year 1998 was published by Dhaka Community Hospital Trust. View 2 more books by Dhaka Community Hospital Trust. The author of this book is Dhaka Community Hospital Trust, Dhaka, Bangladesh and School of Environment Studies, Jadavpur University, Calcutta, India . This is the Paperback version of the title "International Conference on Arsenic Pollution of Ground Water in Bangladesh Causes, Effectes and Remedies - Abstracts, Date : 8-12 February 1998, Venue : LGED Auditorium, Dhaka, Bangladesh" and have around pp. 179 pages. International Conference on Arsenic Pollution of Ground Water in Bangladesh Causes, Effectes and Remedies - Abstracts, Date : 8-12 February 1998, Venue : LGED Auditorium, Dhaka, Bangladesh is currently Not Available with us. You can enquire about this book and we will let you know the availability.
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Natural History rd/council-for-scientific-and-industrial-research" Title="council-for-scientific-and-industrial-research">Council for Scientific and Industrial Research keyword/an-introduction" Title="an-introduction">An Introduction to the Country and its Arsenic Situation

1. Chronic Health Effects of Ingested Inorganic Arsenic in Taiwan/Chien-Jen Chen
2. The Significance of Arsenic in Drinking Water : Carcinogenicity and Human Health/A.H. Smith, M.L. Biggs R. Haque, and C. Hopenhayn-Rich
3. A Study on Mutation Caused by Humic Acid Samples Collected from various Arsenosis affected Areas in Taiwan and Mainland of China/Yu Xiaoying, Hong Qinglin, Li Wenzheng, Zheng Baoshan, Lu Fengzhou, Huang Tianxiang, and Liu Conggui
4. Arsenic in Drinking Water in Bangladesh and its Intervention/Amin Uddin Ahmed
5. Arsenic Contamination Source Detection for Hazard Mitigation/Md. Mizanur Rahman and Mizanur Rahman
6. Determinants of various Types of Cataract Among Residents in an Arseniasis-Endemic Area of Taiwan/Lai-Chu See, Hung-Yi Chiou, Jiahn-Shing Lee, Yu-Mei Hsueh, Yu-Sung Liang, Sing Kai Lo, Shu-Mei Lin, Ken-Kuo Lin, Ming-Chang Tu, Meng-Ling Yang, and Chien-Jen Chen
7. Medicinal Arsenic, Keratoses and Bladder Cancer/S. Evans, J. Cusick, and P. Sasieni
8. Arsenic and Health Effects : A Five-Year Follow-up Study among 8102 Residents in a Newly Identified Arseniasis Endemic Area in Taiwan/Hung-Yi Chiou, Min-Li Wei, Chin-Hsiao Tseng, Yi-Hsiang Hsu, Yi-Hsiu Chien, and Chien-Jen Chen
9. Arsenic Contamination and Bladder Cancer in South West England : A Geographical Study/Giovanni S. Leonardi, Paul Elliott, Iain Thornton, Margaret Farago, Chris Grundy, and Gavin Shaddick
10. Diabetes Mellitus and Arsenic Exposure - Results of Three Epidemiological Studies/Mahfuzar Rahman, Martin Tondel, and Olav Axelson
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12. Histopathology of Skin Lesions in Chronic Arsenic Toxicity - an Approach to Grading of The Changes and Study of Proliferative Markers/S.K. Dutta, A. Chatterjee, D.N. Guha Majumdar, A. Santra, P.K. Bhattacharya, and D. Banerjee

13. Three Years Study on Deganga, one of the Sixty One Arsenic Affected Blocks in Eight Districts of West Bengal, India - A Macro Level Study/Badal Kr. Mandal, Gautam Samanta, T. Roy Choudhury, Ratan Kr. Dhar, Bhajan Kr. Biswas, C.R. Chanda, K.C. and Saha D. Chakraborti
14. A Detailed Study Report on 'Fakirpara' A Very Small Arsenic affected Village of West Bengal a Micro Level Study/Badal Kr. Mandal, Gautam Samanta, T. Roy Choudhury, Ratan Kr. Dhar, Bhajan Kr. Biswas, C.R. Chanda, D.P. Mukherjee, K.C. Saha, and D. Chakraborti
15. Impact of Safe Water for Drinking and Cooking on Five Arsenic-affected Families for 4 Years in West Bengal, India/B.K. Mandal, T.R. Chowdhury, G. Samanta, D.P. Mukherjee, C.R. Chanda, K.C. Saha, and D. Chakraborti
16. Survey on Groundwater Arsenic Contamination of Ramganj Thana of Laxmipur District, Bangladesh - A Macro Level Study/Ratan Kr. Dhar, Bhajan Kr. Biswas, Gautam Samanta, Badal Kr. Mandal, D. Chakraborti, Shibtosh Roy, Saiful Kabir, and Ashraful Islam Arif
17. Adverse effects of Drinking Water Related Arsenic Exposure on some Pregnancy outcomes in Karcag, Hungary/M. Csanady, E. Gulyas, and P. Rudnai
18. Peripheral Vision affected by High Levels of Arsenic in Drinking Water/Ren Xian Yun, Zhan Yu Min, Zhang Ge You, and Zhou Zhen Rong
19. The Historical Cohort Study of High-Arsenic in Drinking Water and Lung Cancer on the West Area of Huhhot in Inner Mongolia/Liang Xiu-Fen, Ma Liang, Zhang Ge-You, Iie Xiang-Zhou, Dai Qin, Zhang Mei-Yun, and Zhou Zhen-Rong
20. Vine Dressers with Late Lesions due to Arsenic Intoxication/Johann Wilhelm Grobe

1. Probable Role of Nutrition on Arsenic Toxicity/Mohamed Abdulla and M. Fatima Reis
2. Bio-availability and Risk Assessment of Arsenic Contaminated Sites from Anthropoge Ana Geological Origins in Australia/Jack C. Ng, Sharon M. Kratzmann, Lixia Qi, Michael R. Moore, Hugh Crawley, and Barry Chiswell
3. Electrochemical Monitoring of Arsenite and Arsenate in Water a Promise of Inexpensive Field-Deployable Technology/Huiliang Huang, Pumendu K. Dasgupta
4. Remediation of Arsenic Contaminated Soils : A Review/R. Naidu
5. Production of Drinking Water from Arsenic Contaminated Ground Water in Developing Countries : Viability of Biological Treatment/Gautam Chattopadhyay, and David Waite
6. Development of Appropriate Arsenic Removal Units/Anirban Gupta, Amal K. Datta, Pratip Bandyopadhyay Ranjan K. Biswas, and Swapan K. Roy
7. A Novel Soil Gas Technique Applied to an Arsenic Contaminated Area of Ron Phibun, Southern Thailand/Munehiro Fukuda, Shoji Nakamura, Janewit Wongsanoon, Sukanya Boonchalermkit, Sutiab Srilachai, and Ronald Klusman
8. Arsenite and Arsenate Adsorption and Solubility Control in Oxide-dominated Systems/Amita Jain and Richard H. Loeppert
9. A Report on Low Cost on-Spot Arsenic Detection in Tubewell Water Conducted by Breakthrough Science Society in West Bengal, India/A. Mondal, and S. Maity
10. Earthworms as Bioindicators for Arsenic in Soil/W. Kosmus, A. Geiszinger, J. Zheng, W. Goessler, and K.J. Irgolic
11. A New Simple Device for the Determination of Arsenic in Drinking Water at Low Levels/Helmut Moderegger, Klemens Schachl, Kurt Kalcher, and Walter Kosmus
12. Fluorescent Determination of Arsenic in Drinking Water by "Fluorat-02" Analyzer/Alexander V. Iliuhin

1. Arsenic Occurrence in U.S. Drinking Water : The Cases of Los Angeles and Hanford, California/Janet G. Hering
2. Chronic Arsenic Poisoning from Contaminated Surface Groundwater in Ronpibool District, Nakorn Srithammarat Province, Southern Thailand : The Importance of Political Commitment and Social Concern/Chanpen Choprapawon
3. High Arsenic Concentration in Subtranean Water of Inner Mongolia, China : Distribution, Characteristics and Health Effects/Luo Zhen-Dong, Zhou Zhen-Rong, Zhang Yu-Min, Zhao Bing-Cheng, Dai Qin, Liang Xiu-Fen, Xie Yu-Huan, Ren Xian-yun, Zhang Pei-Qun, Zhung Mei-Yun, and Zhang Ge-You
4. Requirements of an International Data Base for Arsenic/Richard Wilson
5. Raison For Windows : A Software Tool for Integrated Environmental Information Analysis, Interpretation, and Display/Sara Bennett
6. Arsenicosis in Bangladesh/Shibtosh Roy, Saiful Kabir, Mahmuder Rahman, Shofiul Alam, D. Dhakraborti, Ratan K. Dhar, Bhojan Biswas
7. Groundwater Arsenic Calamity in Eight Districts of West Bengal, India/Badal Kr. Mandal, T. Roy Choudhury, Gautam Samanta, Ratan Kr. Dhar, Bhajan Kr. Biswas, C.R. Chanda, G. Basu, K.C. Saha, D. Chakraborti
8. Groundwater Arsenic Contamination and Sufferings of People in Bangladesh may be the Biggest Arsenic Calamity in the World/Ratan Kr. Dhar, Bhajan Kr. Biswas, Gautam Samanta, Badal Kr. Mandal, T. Roy Choudhury, C.R. Chanda, G. Basu, D. Chakraborti, Shibtosh Roy, Saiful Kabir, Abu Jafar, Imtiaz Faruk, K.S. Islam, M. Choudhury, and Ashraful Islam Arif

1. Exposure to Arsenic during Early Human Development/Marie Vahter
2. Clinical Manifestations of Chronic Arsenic Toxicity : It's Natural History and Therapy : Experience of Study in West Bengal, India/D.N. Guha Mazumder, B.K. De, A. Santra, J. Dasgupta, A. Ghosh, A. Pal, B. Roy, S. Pal, and J. Saha
3. Diagnosis of Arsenicosis/K.C. Saha
4. Some Characteristic Aspects in Symptomology among Different Endemic Areas of Arsenicism/Nobuyuki Hotta
5. Clinical Treatment of Chronic Arsenic Intoxication/Michael J. Kosnett
6. Tracheal and Cardiac Muscarinic Reversal of Arsenic Induced Decreased Response by Dimercaprol/J. Satayavivad, and C. Chaopanitwet
7. Development of a New Ointment effective for Hyperkeratosis and Hyperpigmentation Disorders in Human Skin/P.D. Gupta, A.G. Reddy, R. Kumaresan, and K.K. Raja Babu
8. The Study on the Association among Arsenic Induced Skin Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease and Serum Micronutrients and Arsenic Methyaltion Capability/Yu-Mei Hsueh, Wen-Lin Wu, Hung-Yi Chiou, Chin-Hsiao Tseng, and Chien-Jen Chen
9. Arsenic-Induced Alterations of Adrenoceptor Responses in Rats/J. Satayavivad, and C. Chaopanitwet
10. Exposure to Arsenic in Infants via Breast Milk from the Women Exposed to Arsenic Contaminated Water in West Bengal, India/Dipankar Das, Gautam Samanta, Badal Kr. Mandal, T. Roy Choudhury, and D. Chakraborti
11. Pp12 Arsenic Induced Biochemical Alterations and their Turnover Following Chelation in Rats/Neelima Tripathi and S.J.S. Flora
12. Clinical Manifestations of Chronic Arsenic Toxicity in Bangladesh - A 250 Case-Study/A.Z.M. Maidul Islam, A. Momin, and M.S. Sikder
13. Arsenic Contamination in Ground Water and its effect on Human Health with Particular Reference to Bangladesh/A. Wadud Khan, Sk. Akhtar Ahmad, M.H. Salim Ullah Sayed, Sk. Abdul Hadi, Manzurul Hague Khan. M.A. Jalil. Rukshana Ahmed, and M.H. Faruquee
14. How To Determine a Safe Level of Arsenic in Drinking Water/Kenneth G. Brown
15. Drinking Water Contamination by Arsenic : People's Perception and Communication Challenge/A.Z.M. Iftikhar Hussain
16. Estimation of the Population affected by Arsenic Contaminated Groundwater in Bangladesh/Peter Ravenscroft, Kazi Matin Ahmed, Jan Van Wonderen and Others
17. Studies of Drinking Water Quality and Arsenic Calamity in Ground Water of Bangladesh/Siddique Amin Talukder, Amit Chatterjee, Jian Zheng, and Walter Kosmus
18. Arsenic Contamination in Ground Water of Bangladesh : Analytical Aspects/S.A. Tarafdar
19. Geochemical Mapping and Speciation of Arsenic in the Groundwater of Faridpur Municipality/S. Safiullah, A Sarker, A. Zahid and S.Z. Haider
20. Arsenic Hazards in Bangladesh/Hamidur Rahman
21. On Analytical aspects of Arsenic in Groundwater : An Electrochemical Approach/A.K.M. Munir, S.B. Rasul, N. Ahmed, S. Washe, M. Khaliquzzaman, A. Hussain and A.H. Khan
22. Arsenic Contamination of Groundwater in Bangladesh & Its Impact on Human Health X-ray Analytical Study/M. Ali, S.K. Biswas and S.A. Tarafdar
23. Spectrophotometric Determination of Arsenic and its Application in Chemical, Industrial, Environmental, Biological and Soil Analysis/Jamaluddin Ahmed, and Ziaur Rahman
24. Genesis of Arseniferous Groundwater in the Alluvial Aquifers of Bengal Delta Plains and Strategies for Low-cost Remediation/Prosun Bhattacharya, Maria Larsson, Andrea Leiss, Gunnar Jacks, Andre Sracek and Debashis Chatterjee
25. Geological Signatures of Arsenic Contamination in Groundwater vis-a-vis Approach for Mitigation/Aftab Alam Khan
26. Mechanism of Arsenic Release to Groundwater : Geochemical and Mineralogical Evidence/K.M. Ahmed, M.B. Imam, S.H. Akhter, M.A. Hasan, M.M. Alam, S.Q. Chowdhury, W.G. Burgess, and R. Nickson
27. Well-Head Treatment Units for Arsenic Removal in Remote Villages/Arup K. Sen Gupta
28. The Critical Concentration of Arsenic in Drinking Water/Nasrin Begum
29. Arsenic Concentration of Ground Water in Samta Village and the Applicability of a Field Kit by Hironaka to Quantify Arsenic/Kimiko Tanabe, Yasuhiro Akiyoshi, Hiroshi Yokota, Hiromi Hironaka, Sachie Tsushima, Kazuyuki Kawahara, Abdul Wadud Khan, Sk. Akhtar Ahmad, and Sk. Abdul Hadi
30. Arsenic Pollution in the Southwestern Part of Bangladesh- A Case Study of Tala- Paikgacha Area/Reshad Md. Ekram Ali
31. Arsenic Contamination of Ground Water and Irrigated Soils of Bangladesh/Shah M. Ullah
32. Groundwater Treatment for Arsenic-Iron Removal/M. Feroze Ahmed, M. Ashraf Ali, and Md. Delwar Hossain
33. Probable Provenances of Arsenic in the Rocks, Sediments and Ground Water in Bangladesh and the Surrounding Areas/Md. Khurshid Alam
34. Hydrogeological Investigatory Approach to Address Arsenic Pollution In Urban Groundwater Supply/Mohiuddin Khan
35. Photo-assisted Removal and Immobilization of Arsenic from Water/G.H. Khoe, M.T. Emett, and M. Zaw
36. Geohydrochemical Source of Arsenic Contamination in Bangladesh/Shahidullah Mridha
37. Arsenic Contamination in Soil Water and Human Health/M.A. Sattar and C. Mandal
38. Arsenic Contamination in Drinking Water in Bangladesh/Md. Munir Hussain
39. Effect of Arsenocosis on Neurotransmitters - Mediating Enzyme - Dopamine - B - Hydroxylase in the Serum of Arsenic Contaminated Patients of Bangladesh/M.K. Rahman, M. Mohiuddin, F. Rahman, M. Salimullah, Shibtosh Roy, Khaleda Islam, and Md. Abduz Zaher
40. Spatial Information Systems for Arsenic Mitigation Programs/Ahmadul Hassan and Timothy Martin

1. Arsenic in Ground Water of the United States : Processes Leading to Widespread High Concentrations/Alan H. Welch
2. Arsenic Distribution and Mobility in Groundwaters from Chapai Nawabganj, Western Bangladesh/P.L. Smedley, D.G. Kinniburgh, and M. Hussain
3. Geochemistry of the Arsenic-Pyrite Connection and Biogeochemical Processes Leading to Arsenic Mobility In Natural Waters/D. Kirk Nordstrom
4. Geologic Controls on Sedimentation and Weathering on the Ganges Brahmaputra-Meghna Delta/John W. Whitney
5. Arsenic Contamination of Drinking Water in Bangladesh/Dipanker Chakraborti, Ratan K. Dhar, Bhojan Biswas, Shibtosh Roy, Saiful Kabir, and Ashraful Islam Arif
6. Water, Women and Voluntary Sector - A Case Study/Fr. Mathew Arackal, and Sr. Francina
7. Review of Geological Factors and Processes in the Acidification of Eastern Australian Deltaic and Estuarine Sediments/Jerry Jacobson and Trevor Graham
8. Geologic Distribution of Arsenic Possibility of Arsenic Origin in the Contaminated Ground Water/Yoshihiro Kubota
9. Action Plan of Rgag against Arsenic Problem/Kazyuki Suenaga
10. Borehole Sediment Analysis Probable Source and Mechanism of Arsenic Release to Groundwater in Affected Districts of West Bengal, India/Roy Chowdhury, G.K. Basu, G. Samanta, C.R. Chanda, B.K. Mandal, R K. Dhar, B.K. Biswas, D. Lodh, and S.L. Ray

1. Treatment Options for Removing Arsenic from Drinking Water/Dennis Clifford
2. Arsenic Remediation Technology (Asrt) for Ground Water : Field Demonstration/N.P. Nikolaidis, J.A. Lackovic, G. Dobbs
3. Technology to Supply Safe Water to Arsenic Affected Areas in Chile/Ana Maria Sancha
4. Rapid Transformation of the Most Toxic Form of Arsenic, Arsenite, to Arsenate, by New Arsenite-Oxidizing Bacteria - Assuring Maximal Arsenic Removal from Water via Adsorbents (E.G., Iron Hydroxide)/J.M Macy, and D.R. Dixon
5. Potential Application of Microbiological Processes for the Removal of Arsenic From Groundwater/K.M. Paknikar
6. Removal of Arsenic from Drinking Water with Enhanced Hybrid Aluminas and Composite Metal Oxide Particles/Brian E. Kepner, John Spotts, Eric A. Mintz, Jeffrey E. Cortopassi, Paul Abrahams, Carlton E. Gray, Santosh Mathur, and Ravi Agarwal
7. Rapid Action Programme/Quazi Quamruzzaman, Shibtosh Roy, Ashraful Islam Arif, Sharif Shahabur Rahman, Mohammod Abul Hasnat, Md. Mustafizur Rahman, and Md. Selim
8. A Simple Household Device to Remove Arsenic from Groundwater hence making it Suitable for Drinking and Cooking/School of Environmental Studies, Jadavpur University, Calcutta, India, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research New Delhi, India
9. The Present Status of Arsenic Calamity in Groundwater of Gaighata, North 24-Parganas, West Bengal, India : One of the Arsenic affected Blocks out of Sixtyone/Goutam Das, Shikha Chowdhury, Shyamal Biswas, Anup Sarkar, Ashoke Dastarit Roy Chowdhury, Gautam Samanta, Chitta R. Chanda, Badal Kr. Mandal, and Dipankar Chakraborti
10. An Approach to Microalgal Biotreatment System of Arsenic Removal from the Contaminated Water - A Case Study/Gopa Bhar, S.C. Santra, Gautam Samanta, Dipanakar Chakraborti
11. A Simple Procedure to Combat the Present Arsenic Crisis Partially in West Bengal-India and Bangladesh-a Summary of Ten Years Field Experience/D. Chakraborti, G. Samanta, B.K. Mandal, T. Roy Chowdhury, R.K. Dhar, B.K. Biswas, C.R. Chanda, G. Basu, O.K. Lodh
12. Arsenic Content, Arsenic Exemption of the Drinking Water in Bikis County/Szilard Hosszz, Giza Schalbert
13. Arsenic Filter for Water Purification/Fen-He Bai
14. Treatment of Arsenic Contaminated Water Using Ceramic Membrane Filter/S. Bandyopadhyay, D. Chakrabort
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