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Monday, 13 January 2014

Publications of Mr Rupak Bhattacharya at Journal of Uncertainity analysis and applications

Uncertainty theory based multiple objective mean-entropy-skewness stock portfolio selection model with transaction costs

Rupak Bhattacharyya1*Amitava Chatterjee2 and Samarjit Kar2

1) 7/51 Purbapalli PO-Sodepur Dist 24 Parganas, West Bengal 741102, India
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Journal of Uncertainty Analysis and Applications 2013, 1:16  doi:10.1186/2195-5468-1-1



The aim of this paper is to develop a mean-entropy-skewness stock portfolio selection model with transaction costs in an uncertain environment.


Since entropy is free from reliance on symmetric probability distributions and can be computed from nonmetric data, it is more general than others as a competent measure of risk. In this work, returns of securities are assumed to be uncertain variables, which cannot be estimated by randomness or fuzziness. The model in the uncertain environment is formulated as a nonlinear programming model based on uncertainty theory. Also, some other criteria like short-and long-term returns, dividends, number of assets in the portfolio, and the maximum and minimum allowable capital invested in stocks of any company are considered. Since there is no efficient solution methodology to solve the proposed model, assuming the returns as some special uncertain variables, the original portfolio selection model is transformed into an equivalent deterministic model, which can be solved by any state-of-the-art solution methodology.


The feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed model is verified by a numerical example extracted from Bombay Stock Exchange, India. Returns are considered in the form of trapezoidal uncertain variables. A genetic algorithm is used for simulation.


The efficiency of the portfolio is evaluated by looking for risk contraction on one hand and expected return and skewness augmentation on the other hand. An empirical application has served to illustrate the computational tractability of the approach and the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm.
Uncertainty modeling; Mean-entropy-skewness portfolio selection model; Uncertain variables; Trapezoidal uncertain variable; Genetic algorithm
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