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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Lychee, a probable reason for acute encephalitis syndrome

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Lychee can cause encephalopathy like syndrome which mimic like JE
Lychee[Litchi sinensis] seeds and flesh contain a chemicals methylenecyclopropylalanine
(MCPA)that is also known as hypoglycin A and that agent is responsible for hypoglycemia increased ketone bodies increased non esterified fatty acids and increased lactate level and brain oedema and mitochondrial dysfunctions . But all people are not affected on conscription of lychee, if the child with poor nutrion status and consume many lychees in empty stomach and if lychee seeds are chewed and consumed then toxic encephalopathy may occur A toxic substance methylenecyclopropyl- alanine (MCPA), also called hypoglycin A is found in the seeds and flesh of Lychee It occurs as annual seasonal outbreaks during the months of April–July, affecting hundreds of children with40–60% mortality. The clinical Features may mimic like Japanese encephalitis (JE),
9 June 2014
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Professor Pranab kumar Bhattachrya MD(cal.Univ)
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