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Friday, 12 May 2017

The Cosmic Web, the Seed of Galaxies- are also made of Warm Intergalactic Medium(WHIM) and Dark Energy

Authors affiliation : BSc(Calcutta University ), MSc (Jadavpur Univ), of residence 7/51Purbapalli, Sodepur, Dist 24 Parganas(north), Kol 110,West Bengal, India. Free lancer Theoretical Physicist.Author σ: Professor, MD(Calcutta Univ) ; FIC Path(India), Professor of department of Pathology(detailment), Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine,108, C.R Avenue; Kolkata-73, West Bengal, India. Author ρ: Student, Mahamayatala, Garia, kol-84, only daughter of Prof.PK Bhattacharya.
 Author Ѡ: Univ). Author ¥: MSc (PUSHA New. Delhi, India) of residence7 /51 Purbapalli, Sodepur, Dist 24 parganas(north), Kolkata-110, West Bengal, India, Author χ: Calcutta Univ, Swamiji Road, South Habra, 24 Parganas(north) West Bengal, India. Author ν: BHM( IGNOU).Author Ѳ: Student. Author ζ: Bsc(Calcutta Univ) of Residence Swamiji Road, South Habra, 24 Parganas(north), West Bengal, India. Author £: of residence7/51 Purbapalli, Sodepur, Dist 24parganas(north), Kolkata-110,West Bengal, India. Author €: MA (Calcutta University) BK Mitra Palliative care unit Barrackpore North 24 parganas West Bengal India.
Now published in
Global Journal of Science Frontier Research A Physics and Space Science Volume XVII Issue V ersion I Year 2017 page 57-68

of the PDF Please go at page 74 to 85 GJSFR-A 
Classification: FOR Code: 029999
This is a research/review paper, distributed under the terms of theCreative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License, permitting all non commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited]
Abstract- Universe consisted of mysterious Dark energy (70%), Dark matter(25%) and that makeup now 95% of matter in the universe which revel it self as gravity. Enormous filaments andblobs of dark matter in early universe condensed as universe condensed. Within the cosmicwebs, all galaxies, stars, planets were next created. Galaxies are not dotted randomlythroughout universe but are generally either concentrated in groups or in clusters, which areconnected again by multitude of filaments and voids. These filamentary distributions of galaxiesexplained by vast quantities of dark matter enveloping galaxies and filamentary cold gas flowingwithin them, responsible for star formation within them and the dark matter ISM is the dominantmass in the universe. Galaxies over passing time, clumped itself in a filamentary networks
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