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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Finally the Hot Big Bang theory proved and Inflation really happened and Fred Hoyel and JB Narlieker steady state Model is now in grave ?

The cosmic microwave black body radiation( CMB) in favor of Big Bang theory  was  first discovered by Penjias and Wilson in 1965  for which both won Noble prize in physics and they confirmed the hot Big Bang in Planck's moment through mapping CMB. So long their theory and inflation theory was a theoretical possibility and mathematical calculation . In recent years observation on temperature anisotropy helped to refine the CDM standard cosmological model known as (V )CDM model where the present observable universe is flat, open, dominated by Dark matter(MDM), dark energy with a cosmological constant(V) by Eien stien and there was accelerated expansion in universe short time after.Inflationary model of Universe suggest ex potential expansion in the early period of the Big Bang, perturbation( adiabatic and Gaussian,scale invariant ), quantum fluctuations a little anisotropic by the expansion and a curved space time at energy 10^16 GeV and time scale 10*~32 S and stochastic Gravitational waves so generated with a characteristic shape and that probably resulted anisotropy. Now in the experiment BICEP2 the noise level of 87nK degrees in Q & U over an effective area of 380 square degrees is the real signal of lensed (V)CMB of hot Big Bang and not of WAMP or any dusts or past Proto galaxies. So in the real "Big Bang" happened and So the Inflation and So the Multiple universe too. Steady State theory of Fred Hoyel and J. B Narlieker has to be abandoned!
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