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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Supermassive BLACK HOLE to stuff MYSTERY gas BLOB into open maw

  • Author By Professor Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya MD( Univ of Calcutta) FIC path(India)- Professor and Head, Department of Pathology ; School of Tropical Medicine; 108 CR Avenue Kolkata-700073; West Bengal; India; Mr Rupak Bhattacharya; Miss Upasana Bhattacharya; Mr Ritwik Bhattacharya; Miss Rupsa Bhattacharya of 7/51 Purbapalli Po-Sodepur ; Dist 24 Parganas(North) Kolkata-700110 West Bengal; India
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    Black holes are ultra dense collapsed objects with very highest (Ultra) gravity and is predicted by Eisenstein E=Mc2,depicted as Voracious feeder objects,where extraordinary gravity acts like one way membrane: every things near it is sucked in ,even Light and virtually nothing can leak out from it. In 31st march 2014, or in April 2014 a Gas cloud called G2 cloud has been hurtling towards the center of the Milky ways, where a massive Black hole named Sagittarius A(SgrA) that lies 26000 light years from the earth. the G2 cloud is as massive as three times as earth planet andcontaining hundreds of trillions of asteroids and comets, which have been stripped from their parent stars and mass of Sagittarius A is mass of four Million Suns. The actual even however so took place 26000 years ago. The question is now will the G2 gas cloud(MDM) reach the Sgr A Black hole and if so how quickly will the black hole throw it up or spit the gas out in the form of outflow or like a jet. If the Sgr A black hole devours a sizable chunk of this G2 MDM clouds- a digestive Process will obviously follow for next long years together within the black hole and Fire works will so set Up inside the Black hole. The G2 Gas is heated to billion degrees and it will spiral in ward the black hole. The Gas Cloud(MDM) must emmit a last gasp of radiation ranged from various radiation to different X rays 
  • Now the G2 cloud makes a closest approach to Sgr A. At closest approach, the G2 gas cloud distance is still 2000 times the earth's distance from Sun. There will be a shock wave generated by the encounter will create X rays and Radiation that can be detected by telescopes and if MDM G2 gas contain a Proto star or a Star, it can produce supper Shock wave and will generate more Light. The encounter may have another effect- disruption of the cloud and attain the distance in which the radiation may vibrate as they travel through the black hole. But Past Experiences Showed that the Disk of Sag A is Viscous, like honey and rubs gas of its rotational Speed. A much longer time- may be decade will indicate that the disk has a lower viscosity like water allowing gas to circle many times before it goes down interior to black hole. Sag A is a poor eater and able to consume 1/1000 of the foods supply available to it at large distances. Several other clouds in vicinity of Sgr A will also provide future food for it
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