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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Novel By Professor Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya " The Observer" Accepted by Dorrance Publishing Company, Philadelphia USA

Dorrance Publishing: The Observer has been accepted!
To Me

 13 Sep 2013
701 Smithfield Street • Pittsburgh, PA 15222 • (412) 288-4543 • FAX (412) 288-1786
Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya MD(calcutta Univ) FIC path WBMES
Professor and HOD Pathology; Calcutta school of Tropical Medicine
Kolkata West Bengal, 7000073      

Dear Prof.Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya,      

We have received and completed our review of The Observer and we believe your work would make a positive addition to our Dorrance Publishing list of titles.
If you are like most of our authors, you realize that in order for your work to be published, it is up to you. Today, more than 90% of the new books you see on the bookshelf of your favorite bookstore or in the catalog of your favorite online bookseller are published by the author using a publishing services company like Dorrance. Other than celebrities or established authors with a proven track record, the unfortunate reality is that very few authors enjoy the luxury of having a commercial publisher pay them to publish their work. Like most musicians and other artists, most new authors must publish their own work in order to gain the attention of a commercial publisher. Today, even established authors are choosing to publish their own work so that they have more control over the finished product or so that they can enjoy a larger share of the profits when selling their book. Our publishing consultants look forward to discussing with you whether paying Dorrance to publish your book makes sense for you.

I would prefer to discuss the specific details of your publishing services agreement personally. However, given the volume of titles that we bring into print each year, I find it necessary to delegate these duties to members of our Publishing Services Consultation staff. To begin the process of publishing your book with us, I have passed your file on to Mary Ferragonio , Senior Publishing Consultant, whom you can reach at 888-233-7654 or by email at I am confident you will find my colleague both personable and knowledgeable. I would, nevertheless, like to personally provide for you a brief overview of our publishing services program.
Dorrance Publishing is in the business of publishing books for a great number of authors, and its integrity depends on maintaining the confidentiality of each work presented to it. Dorrance agrees that the work you have submitted will not be used, sold, assigned, or disclosed to any other person, organization, or corporation without your permission, and further, that none of its employees, agents, officers, or directors will utilize the work in any manner unless specifically agreed to by both parties in a publishing agreement which may be entered into at a later date.
In the interest of safekeeping, Dorrance asks that you maintain possession of the original manuscript and any artwork and provide us only with a digital or photocopy of this material. Unless otherwise notified, we will assume what we have received are copies.

The most important element of our comprehensive publishing services program is its inclusiveness. We incorporate all elements necessary to properly publish The Observer, including complete editorial and design services, a defined book promotion plan, traditional print and e-book distribution, and order fulfillment services.
You will be assigned a Project Coordinator, who will be your personal liaison during the production of your book, and then you will work with an Author Services Coordinator, who will be your point of contact during the promotion of your book and for as long as you remain a Dorrance author. These staff members, along with our book order staff, are easily reachable via email and toll-free phone numbers.

Pre-Press Editorial and Design Services 

Editing: We will assign an editor to copy edit The Observer consisting of a reading of the manuscript to improve consistency in spelling, capitalization, and hyphenation; agreement of subjects and verbs; correction of grammar and punctuation; and other such mechanics of written communication. The manuscript will be returned to you, for your approval, upon completion of the editing process.

Page Design: Your work will then be formatted into book pages, with an appropriate typeface chosen. Our books are generally designed with a 10-point type with 12 points of leading (space between lines). Your approval will also be requested on these designed pages.

Cover Design: A cover designer will create an appealing cover for your book, taking into consideration any input you may have. If you have a recent full-color photograph available, please let us know so that we can plan to include it on the back cover of your book.

Copyright: Two printed copies of your completed book will be submitted for copyright protection under your name and, if your book qualifies, a Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN) will be assigned. If you previously obtained a copyright for your unpublished work, United States copyright law requires that a new copyright be filed when the work has been published. 
Book Formats 
Traditional Print Format: Your book will be printed on quality paper and expertly bound with a full-color paperback cover with a 6-inch by 9-inch trim size; we are able to produce books in a variety of other trim sizes if desired.

E-book: Your book will be available for purchase in digital form most anywhere in the world and will be able to be read on more than 86 different e-book reading devices, including the Kindle, the Nook, the Sony Reader, Android phones, the iPhone, the iPad, and the iPod Touch, as well as personal computers. We have strategic partnerships with the largest e-book vendors in the world: Google eBookstore, Amazon Kindle, and Barnes & Noble Nook.

Book Promotion 

A specific amount of your publishing services fee will be used to promote The Observer with research performed to target specific outlets and media. The specific details of our proposed book promotion will be detailed in the Promotion section of your publishing agreement, but a brief highlight includes:
  • Creating a listing at publisher’s media site,, which credentialed media personnel can search by book title, author name, or topic, and providing up to twenty-five (25) printed review copies, and unlimited digital copies, at the request of credentialed media.
  • Distributing the publicity release to online news media and RSS news feeds appropriate to the Work and/or the Author.
  • Notifying book retailers, wholesalers, distributors, jobbers, and major book chain headquarters of book availability as well as publicizing the book release through the Dorrance Email Newsletter.
  • Providing the Work for limited preview through Google Books along with availability and ordering

Distribution and Order Fulfillment

Distribution: Once The Observer is in book form, your traditional print and e-book purchase information will be made available at our e-commerce bookstore, (part of the Yahoo! Mall); enrolled in the Advantage program, allowing the online retailer to warehouse copies of your book; submitted to Ingram Lightning Source, the leading international book distributor preferred by retailers such as Barnes & Noble; and introduced to Baker & Taylor, one of the largest worldwide printed-book distributors. Additionally, a listing for your book will be created at Bowker’s Books in Print, an essential bibliographic tool for libraries, booksellers, and publishers.

Order Fulfillment: Upon receipt of a retail or consumer order for The Observer, our fulfillment team will handle order and payment processing, packaging and shipping, and customer service for orders.
Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc. continues to publish books in the fine tradition associated with the Dorrance name for nearly 100 years. The original publishing company was founded in 1920 by Colonel Gordon Dorrance and was America’s first author services company. I have been personally involved with Dorrance Publishing for almost a quarter of a century. I truly believe that we have assembled a pool of creative writers, editors, proofreaders, and artists as well as full-time advertising, public relations, and creative services staffs that offer a level of support and service to our authors that is unmatched in the publishing services industry. All of our staff strives daily to live up to our mission statement: "Building Lasting Relationships, One Satisfied Author at a Time." 
My staff and I understand The Observer represents a significant personal accomplishment for you, and we would be honored to have the opportunity to work with you in bringing it into print.

Your personal publishing consultant, Mary Ferragonio , will be giving you a call in the next several days to answer your questions and discuss the terms of our publishing services agreement. If you have any questions in the meantime, please give them a call, toll-free at 888-233-7654 to discuss our offer in greater detail.
David Zeolla