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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Special offer From Dorrance Publishing house for The Book" The Observer"

Special Offer from Dorrance Publishing

Mary Ferragonio
To Me

May 21 at 1:50 AM
 Dear Professor Pranab kumar Bhattacharya

Sometime ago, it was a pleasure for us to review your book" The Observer" and accept it for publication.
Quite often, we find that the only issue that stops an author from moving ahead with our proposal is the amount of the financial commitment required on the author's behalf. With that in mind, we are making a special offer to a select group of authors.
Until May 31, 2014 we will reduce your fee by 10%
If you publish under our Dorrance imprint we will reduce your publishing services fee by 10%.
As before, we continue to offer flexible payment plans.
As you probably recall, if you publish your book as a  Dorrance title, we will mechanically edit your manuscript, typeset and design the book pages, proofread the typeset text, write an About the Author and About the Book blurb for the cover of the book, create an original piece of art for the cover of the book, design the book cover, apply for a copyright in your name, and print and bind the books.
Since consumption of books in a digital format is a rapidly growing book distribution market, we will also make your book available to consumers in digital formats. These formats would be suitable for reading on e-book readers such as the Amazon Kindle, the Barnes and Noble Nook and other electronic reading devices.
If you move ahead with publication before the May 31, 2014 deadline we will also provide you with a free Nook containing a copy of your published book.  When we talk, please ask me for more details.
When your book is produced we will begin the promotion efforts on behalf of your book. Our promotion staff will perform customized research to target outlets and media in the course of carrying out your promotion program. The Dorrance imprint promotion plan embraces the shift from traditional to digital marketing. These changes are to the benefit of our authors because they allow us to participate in new opportunities available for avenues of distribution.
As a Dorrance imprint author, we will handle the warehousing, book order fulfillment, invoicing, book sales revenue collections, and other administrative services in support of your book.
In short, authors who publish under the Dorrance imprint receive personalized, comprehensive service.
We sincerely hope that this reduction in your publishing services fee will allow you to see your book in print as a Dorrance title. Please call me, toll-free, at the number below or e-mail to discuss the details of this offer.
I look forward to hearing from you before the May 31st deadline.
Mary Ferragonio
Senior Publishing Services Consultant

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